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December 20, 2008


Dave Madden

whoa. i'm trying to do the math to see if i'm up for it. i think i could be into that...i definitely want to be a triathlete someday. will they let me do it with my crappy ol' mountain bike? i don't have a road bike.

so i converted the distances to American feet/miles/etc. but really what helps me is Madden Units: so it's a run around town lake from mopac to south 1st st, a bike around the entire town lake loop from mopac to the longhorn dam, and swimming 3.5 lengths of barton springs.

Charles Whitmire

Dave, I'm sure they will let you ride whatever you want... I also have a road/hybrid you could borrow. We'd have to work a little to make it fit you, though. You'll kick my butt on the run btw...

Randy Moore

I think I might join you. i have been wanting to do a tri and have always wimped out. I need to sell my Mtn. bike and get a road bike.

Charles Whitmire

Very cool, Randy! ...but selling a bike is like selling a putter - you will always regret it! Just do like I do, and add... Never subtract :)

john chandler

I'm not.

Shelton Green

You = insane. That is a lot of work to do for fun. Good luck though!

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