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November 24, 2008



Awesome...Praying for you!

john chandler

Sounds like it's time to get lunch of coffee again! I think this will be good for you to be able to refocus your energy in one place, so I'm excited for you.


Hey thanks for opening your doors to me and anyone else who had attened.

I come in hope of finding a church I could go to, a church that would be fun and exciting and help me with my walk with God.

I did find that, but due to my own self, I always had "other things" to do.
My first sunday off in life in years and I finally made it to church, the next sunday was Six flags, then six flags again, then I had work, then my parents wanted me to vistit them, then my grandma, then sick, I was truely planning on going this upcoming sunday, but guess I lost that chance.

I know I should make time for God, and church. Maybe next time I find a good church I will stick to it and help keep it going.

Thanks for giving me the chance to have a great church!

Charles Whitmire


Don't forget... Most of that same bunch are remaining at Crestview. Come say hi some sunday morning and we can grab lunch...


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